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Web Development

Visible’s application development is focused on harnessing the growing need for application-driven Internet applications. This is done by extending a company's basic Web presence into an influential business tool that allows clients, partners and suppliers to interact with the organisation through an online medium.

It is vital that proper software runs on the hardware devices that are used in your business. We offer device management of the software businesses use for barcode scanners or handheld computers that are used in the mobile environment.

Asset tracking applications are designed for maintaining accurate controls of your business assets. Warehouse management and Inventory applications are designed for warehouses or depots where inventory is consumed and a tracking solution is required. A warehouse management system assists your company in tacking the inventory operations inside your facility or in your businesses stocking premises.

Barcode label software includes the printing of barcode labels in a wide variety of formats. The barcode label production is integrated with a database, and if required, additional software features can be customized to the application.

Freight and package tracking applications are one of the most important solutions that we offer to businesses as it has become increasingly important for companies to continue the efficiency of their deliverables in the “LastMile”, making sure that the deliverables reaches the recipient on time.


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Web Hosting

As companies embrace the Internet, and Web applications rather than Web sites become the norm, Internet hosting and connectivity services have evolved from being simple indulgences to critical communication mechanisms. The Internet is becoming a vital part of every business, therefore Internet access and delivery services must meet the rigorous standards expected from other crucial communications services.

Visible focused exclusively on the provision hosting and connectivity services, is well positioned to provide the corporate market with swift, secure and resilient Internet access and delivery solutions.

The following hosting services are offered:

§  Web Hosting (HTML)

§  Database Hosting (MS SQL Server 2012-2016)

§  VPS Server Hosting

§  DNN Hosting


Web Design

Visible’s digital graphics re-invents the relationships and attitudes that have lead to the visual communication revolution. This is achieved by designing intuitive and attractive digital business media that speaks to the audience. Visible is about vision and presentation.

Excellence is the basis of attitudes, and creativity is the foundation on which solutions are built.